Three Thousand Years And Nadia – Winning The Battle (Part 4 of 4)

by | Apr 10, 2017

In Part 3 we witnessed an incredible improvement in Nadia’s health and were told that she would no longer need any further healing sessions. Was the battle finally won?

This four part story is taken from my book The Mother and The Therapist, read more about my work and why I do what I do.

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My husband’s company advised us to go home to Denmark, get Nadia admitted into a reputable hospital for a medical check-up and spend time with the family, with whom we’d had little contact throughout the entire challenge. I so needed my mother to hold me and be there for me; I needed to be loved like a child again instead of just giving. I was at the tipping point.

With great sadness, I have to say that Anne Vibeke’s health did not improve. Before our flight to Denmark we went to say our last goodbye to this amazing, strong woman who kept her spirits high to the very last minute. Nadia lay in her arms as I sat next to them, respecting their moment of love and goodbyes. I knew that they understood each other and together had fought their own battles.

When we touched down on Danish ground and I saw my mother, I knew I was safe; knew that my children and I would receive the utmost care from a truly remarkable woman.

My mother came with Nadia and me to the hospital and followed us through admission, staying until we were settled and comfortable. I had brought plenty of home-cooked soup, fruit and vegetable puree in a cooler to be sure that Nadia would have the food she needed. The medical staff were forthcoming and kind, and finally being able to use my mother tongue gave me the confidence to speak from my heart.

The medical staff in Denmark wanted to examine Nadia for multiple chronic illnesses, including cystic fibrosis, and to get a realistic outcome Nadia had to drink a small amount of powdered milk. I was horrified! All the screams and pain of Nadia’s past flashed through my head and it took great courage to agree to their demand. Even though Ms Anne had told us that Nadia would be able to drink some milk, I had not dared to try until that moment.

The outcome was a total surprise. Nadia drank the milk and slept longer than usual. Then she had some more milk and there was a noticeable positive change in her alertness, energy and profoundly extended sleeps.

Within a week Nadia had gone through several tests, all with negative results. The doctors actually became a bit dubious about the importance of Nadia’s admission as there was no trace of medical urgency or chronic illness. They listened to my story, but to this day I still doubt that they took me seriously. However, I needed to be taken seriously; needed to tell our story to the medical team; wanted them to understand how a non-medical approach had cured an incurable disease and copy our diet plan for future reference.

They were not interested and I decided not to waste my energy. Instead I turned my attention to my family who so needed care and love to move forward in a positive way.

On the day of discharge Nadia was five months old with a body weight of only 4kg, but she was content and at peace. I carried a small miracle out of the hospital doors and knew that we as a family, with help, support and care from tremendous people, had fought and won the biggest battle of our lives: the survival of our baby girl.

Grown up Nadia with mom, ElseI am proud to announce that today Nadia is a healthy, beautiful and successful young woman of twenty-seven.

A victim blames. A victor learns.

Mark Victor Hansen, The One Minute Millionaire

 The reality is that a pain-free life is just one connection away. And that can start for you and those you love right now.

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