The Huge Power of Just a Small Touch

by | Jan 8, 2016

For the past twelve years I have specialised in chronic pain relief. I’ve helped people with acute and long lasting pain issues to return to their best so they can enjoy a pain-free and fulfilled life.

The therapy approach is simple. It’s applied with no drugs, no oils and remedies and no stress. It is all done with gentle muscle manipulation and light finger touch at specific points of the body. It enables a physical release of muscle groups and the underlying structure with often an immediate effect.

I have come to realise that most often it is the smallest touch that has the biggest outcome when is comes to result. Not only in relation with a treatment session but maybe even more so in the approach of daily living, caring and paying attention to details of how we interact with each other.

Let’s look at just one example.

Last week I was reunited with a young woman; an executive personal trainer in her mid-thirties who suffered a stroke five months ago.  She had gone through the toughest time of her life – she’d been in a coma, she’d experienced loss of speech and she’d become dependent on help from medical practitioners, rehabilitation therapists, family and friends.

Fortunately, with so much help and support, she’d recovered physically, emotionally and mentally remarkable well.

But one thing remained. Her double vision eyesight had not improved. It impacted her orientation in space, in balance, in reading, in writing and in moving around without being afraid of bumping into objects and falling. As a result, she had not been able to support herself and family financially.

I listened to her story.  I asked if there were anything specific she would like me to help with.

She asked me if I could release her right painful shoulder because she had sustained a fall on the bus because of her poor balance and body stability.

When the shoulder had settled and released, I applied a few light touches around the neck and chest in the hope of a positive change of the double vision eyesight. Unfortunately with no noticeable changes!

I wasn’t sure how much more I could do to help this lovely young woman, but I asked her to come back for another session to give her the physical, emotional and mental support she needed to fully recover.

On her second visit she entered my practise with a radiant smile. She lifted her head and gave me a big warm, lengthy hug as she exclaimed that her eyesight had improved. She told me there was no longer double vision when looking in a straight line and she was able to re-orient herself in smaller rooms, read and write with much clearer vision.

It was, as you can imagine, a beautiful moment. It’s one that forever reminds me of the huge power of just a small physical and human touch. And it totally underpins my mission of alleviating pain with one touch at the time.

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