Else completely amazed me with the immediate effectiveness of her treatment. I've had chronic pain in my shoulder since I dislocated it when I was 16. After just a couple of treatments from Else, I can raise my arm straight up and put weight on it without any pain for the first time since my injury (over 24 years). I had lived with this problem for so long that I had given up on it ever getting back to normal again, and I just can't believe that Else could resolve it so quickly and without and discomfort whatsoever. If you have any physical pain, don't suffer in silence, visit this wonderful lady and give yourself a chance to be well again.

Gina Romero

CEO and Co-Founder, Connected Women

Enough! Like too many other people, I just put up with persistent pain which, in my case, prevented me from enjoying my squash. Else Vistisen fixed in just two sessions what countless costly visits to chiros and physios had failed to achieve. I'd love to tell you how she does it, but I don't know ... just trust me that her unique, intuitive and non-intrusive methods simply work

Andrew Vine

Founder & CEO, The Insight Bureau

Testimonial from Karin I called Else three days after I came home from hospital. I was in great pain and still couldn’t get out of bed, sleep or do anything really. My slipped disc operation was a success, but my nerves had been trapped for such a long time that they still gave me severe pain. After the first treatment I was out of bed and could walk around without pain. Else had helped my nerves to settle. I have to mention, that else even came home and treated me in my bed. I think even just having someone to come and say “Of course, I will try to help you” was a great help. Else is not only a great therapist, but a great person. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank Else enough for what she has done for me. In fact, I believe I would have been able to avoid my second disc operation if I had met her earlier. Now I see Else regularly to avoid further problems with my back. I’m feeling just great. Whenever I hear of people having problems, I’m always very eager to tell them about else, and that they just HAVE to go and see her.

A true healer has the gift to introduce a new way of being into your life. So often, due to life choices, there is a tendency to get stuck in old negative patterns which may cause damage to the physical body. The result may be some form of rigidity and pain when the rigidity is challenged. Patterns of fear, shame or self-derogation can manifest in back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and the like. Negative patterns are often coping strategies set up to ward off the hostility of others, or to defend oneself from feelings of helplessness, humiliation and shame. Essentially the physical reflects the mental/emotional state. This was the situation I found myself in in Singapore, having been successfully treated for back pain in England. One Bowen session was not enough...... I needed a course of treatments to interrupt the momentum of the negative patterns. Luckily, I found Else! Else is a highly trained occupational therapist who has honed her healing skills learning Bowen Therapy (soft tissue readjustment), Emmett (muscle release therapy) and developed something I just call 'Else'. Else understands implicitly the interactions between muscle groups and the nervous system, but she also has the special gift of unconditional positive regard. This acceptance of the client's present situation without judgement or agenda, allows her to offer a new 'way of being' to the client in the process of reworking and rebalancing the physical body. After giving an individualized evaluation and empowering through a customized intervention she offers the client the option to choose a new way of seeing and being. This worked so well for me that I was able to completely step out of the pains resulting from my previous negative patterns and move towards real goals that have brought me a sense of joy and satisfaction. Thank you Else for being who you are and allowing me to be who I am!

Ceridwen Anne Wolf

Product Manager, Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Pte Ltd

Just two sessions with Else and the chronic shoulder, neck and head pain I had been suffering from for years has just vanished. I don’t know how she does but Else truly has a gift. I would recommend her without hesitation.
Michaela Anchan

Founder, Woolf Works

On Monday I put my back out in the gym. On Tuesday I could barely walk. On Wednesday morning I crawled into Else’s clinic and was back at work and fully functional by the afternoon. A sceptic has been converted 😉
Callum Laing

Co-Founder and Non-Exec Director, The Marketing Group Plc

Testimonial from Marie Hambly I had been suffering from chest pain and went to a heart specialist who diagnosed that I had extra electrical heartbeats. These caused significant discomfort and a fluttering in my chest. I went to see Else to discuss this and the possibility I might be feeling anxiety and that this could be the cause or at least making it worse. To my relief after one treatment with Else the fluttering and discomfort disappeared. The doctor had prescribed me beta-blockers and I decided not to take them. Two months later it has not returned. The doctor was very happy for me to not take the beta-blockers and review me in six months. Thank you Else once again, miracles seem to happen every day in your world!
Marie Hambly

As a long-time sufferer of acid reflux, I asked Else if this was something she could treat me for too. By this time, I’d already been through numerous courses of medicine and other treatments for my stomach issues, but none had made much difference, so I wasn’t sure whether Else’s approach could help. However, even after our very first session, I already started to feel the benefits. My acid reflux had calmed considerably, and I had stopped experiencing the throat tickle and cough that had been bothering me for months. My symptoms improved further still over subsequent sessions, to the extent that I barely noticed them any more after just 3 sessions. The symptoms have recurred when I’ve been stressed with work, but I now know that just one follow-up session with Else is enough to keep them in check and bring me back to feeling my best. Since she treated me for stomach problems, Else has also treated me for sinus issues. I’ve been irritated by stuffy sinuses and blocked nostrils for my whole life, but after just two sessions with Else, my symptoms have improved considerably, which was a real surprise after more than 30 years of frustration and irritation. As part of my treatments, Else has also helped me restore postural balance, which has made me feel much more relaxed and comfortable whilst sitting at my desk. It’s not just the physical benefits of Else’s healing touch that I’ve experienced though; she also has a wonderful manner and approach, and each session with her leaves me feeling emotionally rejuvenated as well as physically improved. I heartily recommend asking Else how she might deliver similar benefits and relief for you too.

Simon Kemp

Founder, Kepios

I was referred to Else by a friend who had been her long-time client. She came highly recommended and with a lot of promise. I have been suffering from a degenerative disk (L5) condition since 2006 with almost daily pain in both the lower and upper back. I was also suffering from sacroliitis inflammation. After two endoscopies and three years of continued practice of Pilates, I was still in pain. I would wake up in pain in the mornings, feel the pain when walking and be put off from doing the things I love, namely tennis and cycling. Massage gave only temporary relief, acupuncture had little effect, if any, and about the only thing that would help for a few days at a time was physiotherapy combined with Pilates. But I couldn’t find a more lasting solution that would allow me to feel good and ‘normal’. Frankly, I was losing hope. I had barely anyone left who would listen to me and I felt like a nag every time I mentioned my back problems to anyone. But Else listened. She understands the frustration given her own spine injury and background in high-level sports. Else treated me three times. This is what we agreed at the start of the first session. She has a very personal approach to helping her clients and the treatment is very gentle and the techniques are very unique. I hadn’t experienced anything similar before. The improvement was obvious even after the first session. I was encouraged. Her techniques allow the muscles to find their normal ‘state’, a balance. I had been in so much pain for so long that my back hardly knew how to ‘be’ anymore. Even my head was visibly tilted to the right and the fatigue was palpable. It was like rebooting the ‘state of being’ for my back and leg muscles. During the third session my sacroliitis pain disappeared completely. I couldn’t believe it. For the first time in years I felt no pain in my lower back. There is still some minor discomfort from time to time, but no pain to the extent I had experienced before. I continue with Pilates to maintain a strong core and ensure a good blood circulation in the lower back, but I know that I can always rely on Else to maintain the ‘muscular’ and ‘bodily’ balance that seems to be the foundation of bodily ‘well-being’.
Mika Purra

I recently had the pleasure of being a recipient of Else’s unique treatment protocol. I struggled with epicondylitis (tennis elbow) for months and had tried icing, anti inflammatory and all the regular treatment prescribed for such a condition. Eventually it was so bad it stopped me training for a major athletic event. Else literally worked on me for ten minutes and I could move my arm completely pain free. I am fully a fully certified fitness professional and an athlete. Even with my knowledge, I cannot comprehend how Else fixed my issue. She is truly amazing. I am so grateful and amazed by her level of professionalism and knowledge
Roz Alexander

Executive Personal Trainer

Else and I met about 15 years ago, when she attended a Bowen Therapy training course in Perth. As she lives in Singapore I offered her accomodation in my home. From this moment our friendship started. Laughter coloured so many life stories in our conversations about work and family. Else is a  extremely smart, lively, curious, conscientious and skilled therapist and a loving wife and mother. The heart of her stories are her family. She is an excellent home decorator, homemaker. She loves her work, always searching to improve her skills. She has a talent to set priorities for both, family and work, with all the consquences involved. I feel privileged to have her as a friend and wish, that her continued success is boosted by this book.
Regula Sherrer

International instructor of The Emmett Technique, Switzerland

When I first met Else I had had a stomach ache for more than 20 years. The doctors and specialists told me that this could not be operated or helped in any way, so I just lived with the pain..

After three treatments, by Else, the pain was totally gone.

I went on with my life and after many years I got a stomach ache again. But by then I had forgotten that I used to have a stomach ache years ago. I went to the doctor and he examined me and wanted to do an x-ray to check the stomach further.

But then I remembered that I had this ache before and that Else had helped me back then. I went back to se her and after three gentle treatments the stomach was pain free again.

Thank you Else, you work wonders!

Susanne Wallin

When I met Else for the first time I was experiencing severe back pain. After her expert treatment delivered with a caring touch and attitude, I was not only in less pain but also more mobile. Since, I have recommended Else to others in pain, and from the feedback I get it seems that her skills do not only work on me but also on others. My wife and daughters have also tremendously benefited from Else’s treatments on several occasions.
Arttu Salmenhaara

I had a locked back and was in excruciating pain. It was a struggle to get out of bed, and it affected my work performance. One single session with Else reduced the pain to become less than half of what it was before I entered her clinic, and since it was no longer painful to stand upright, I exited the vicious circle of making the pain worse through bad posture. I have been through locked backs before twice, both times being bedridden for several days, receiving cortisone shots just to be able to continue working and paying 10 visits to a physiotherapist. In future, if I should get another locked back, there’s no doubt that I will opt for just one session with Else – rather than the alternative option of prolonged pain, strong medication and time-consuming therapy
Mette Johansson

Owner, Author | Speaker | Investor, MetaMind Training

Testimonial from Yeena M Paul Else came into my life at a point when I was exhausted from a jet-setting lifestyle across time zones owing to the pressure of juggling work and family. With time several health issues were creeping up and taking their toll on my body Needless to say I had reached a Breaking point…. A friend recommended the expertise of Else and although I was unaware of the the therapy would entail…. I was DESPERATE to try anything that would make me feel WHOLE again!! Walking through the doors of Else’s calming interiors; whilst being greeted by her cheery personality made me feel as if ” I had come home to Safety” and sure enough they were the safest pair of hands… From the very first therapy and every weekly therapy followed thereafter has led me slowly onto the path of recovery. I not only grew in strength but also the weekly “chatty” sessions we had, made a great significant contribution towards regaining clarity of thought and ensuring the Mind-Body connection was restored. Else is the BEST at what she does and I would strongly recommend her expertise if any of you feel you need just a bit of guided handiwork for you to achieve your optimum best physically. Believe in the Best and the rest will be a journey into a New and Confident YOU…. Thank You Else for knowing what precisely to do and helping my body heal itself naturally!!
Yeena M Paul

I was recommended to visit Else for Physio and Bowen therapy for a slipped disc and a dislocated shoulder, both of which had occurred several weeks earlier but were still causing discomfort and pain.  We started with a lengthy discussion of my past injuries and the damage to my skeleton caused during my previous military profession, playing rugby and during high altitude mountaineering.  As well as seeking to understand the background to my condition Else put me completely at ease and explained how she used several therapies depending on the person and the nature of the problem presented. The power that Else has is amazing, a true gift of healing.  By simply laying her hands on me, with the gentlest of touches, she eased the pain in my shoulder and relaxed the muscles.  She then did the same to my lower spine and eased the cold numbness in my right knee which had been a direct result of the slipped disc at L4.  My whole body felt so much more relaxed and calm.  It continued to react and adjust over the following 48 hours, but thereafter I was free of pain and able to carry on as normal. After a number of weeks I visited Else again as I was feeling extremely stressed, frustrated and angry with recent events in my life and felt that this was due to my back not being one hundred percent and my shoulder still giving me occasional nerve pains and discomfort. Else again spent some time talking with me and watching me intently.  On examining my shoulder again she said that it was definitely torn inside and either I would need several weeks of regular healing sessions with her or as I did not live in Singapore I should seek a surgeons advice. She also said that my shoulder and back were not the problem merely symptoms as she could feel that I was clearly desperately sad inside and that my whole body was tense and wound up like a huge spring.  She invited me to lie down and after she laid her hands on me again I experienced an enormous sense of relief which overwhelm me and I was able for the first time in my life express the deep concern which I had bottled up for years.  After a considerable time, it was as if I awoke and I found myself feeling both relieved and relaxed, and with a new sense of calm. My slipped disc has corrected itself and is pain free.  My shoulder is due to be operated on and will soon be fully recovered.  The mental and spiritual relief that Else has given me has remained and has been like a new lease of life. I cannot recommend Else more highly, her treatment and therapy are a real gift.
Mike Kefford


We had seen many doctors and specialists already with no result or change. So we were sceptical about seeing yet another specialist. But I am glad we did.

My 8 year old daughter Juliette has Sever’s disease, a growth related pain in her feet. She was limping and in a lot of pain. As she had been limping and over compensating whilst walking her body was not straight anymore and her balance was off.

Else cannot take away the cause of the pain but she can treat the pain. She has also realigned Juliette’s body. What I like the most is, of course, that it works. When Juliette has seen Else her pain is gone after a day. What I also really like is Else’s personality. She is a great communicator and instantly makes you feel at ease. Juliette always looks forward to seeing Else

Juliette has no pain after the treatment. We now do maintenance sessions to keep the pain at bay.

I would recommend Else If people have chronic pain they can really benefit from Else’s treatment. Else’s sessions were covered by our insurance. I think that is always helpful to know.

Elise Molenaar-Kristiansen


I was diagnosed with severe slipped disc resulting in numbness, weakness and pain in my left leg. After my first treatment by Else, I noticed significant improvement in pain and numbness. And the effectiveness lasted well into the next treatment.

Although surgery was inevitable in my case, thanks to her treatment, I didn’t have severe pain ‘til my surgery. I look forward to receiving her therapy for faster nerve recovery after the operation.



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