How to enjoy pain-free living.

We care for people so they can return to their best. We believe that returning to your best is about being pain-free, joyful and fulfilled; ready to take on the world!

If you or someone you know is not living a full and active life because of pain, invite Else to come and speak at your next event and help your audience to return to their best. She will demonstrate LIVE how just a small touch can release muscle tension and pain with an immediate effect.

Her informative and interactive TALK is based on helping people of all ages with acute and long-lasting pain. Pain caused by a hectic work/study schedule, strenuous sports, fitness training or recurring pain.

Topics covered in the TALK include:

  • The Three Most Common Pain Problems
  • 7 Pain Mistakes & 7 Things To Do
  • A Three-Step Pain Solution To Pain-Free Living
  • The Benefits Of Else Vistisen Therapy
  • Importance Of A Balanced Lifestyle
  • LIVE Onstage Demonstration of How Else works

A unique, captivating and inspiring presentation!

Else Vistisen is an Occupational Therapist and the founder of Else Vistisen Therapy. She specialises in chronic pain relief helping people with acute and long-lasting pain issues to return to their best

She has been a therapist since 1984 and has successfully helped thousands of people from around the world to live lives that are free of pain with her simple, effective and long-lasting pain solution.

Else is now available for guest speaking, to inform, inspire and bring hope to more people around the world that it is possible to enjoy a pain-free, fulfilled life.

‘The reality is that a pain-free life is just one
connection away’


Helping people with acute and chronic pain to
return to their best and enjoy a pain-free life.


My two published books, Pain-Free and
The Mother & The Therapist


The Power Of A Small Touch
- to enjoy a pain-free living.