Getting Back In Tune – A Singer’s Process In Healing Reflux and Flatulence

by | Nov 25, 2016

Sadly, too many people live for too long with unresolved pain issues. They have, perhaps, sought the help from health practitioners to no avail and take strong medication daily. Nothing seems to work for them.

It’s as if their ‘best’ has gone forever and they can no longer enjoy family, social or work life.

Let me reassure you, it hasn’t.

Three Years of Sufferings
Let me impart to you part of Mrs. Hendrix’s story, a professional singer in her early 40’s. She had been suffering from Gastro Oesophagus Reflux for three years. The symptoms were with her for most of the day and were a constant reminder of not feeling healthy and fatigued. The reflux took away her ability to focus clearly.

The worst part was that Mrs. Hendrix had to put her career as a professional singer on hold, as the constant discomfort of burns and tenderness in her throat made it difficult for her to sing. In addition, she was afraid that it might ruin her voice and she may never be able to return to singing again.

She had tried different kinds of medication, nutritionists, homeopathy and osteopathy treatments with minimal relief and no permanent positive outcome. Mrs. Hendrix was distressed and had come to a point in her life where she was willing to try almost anything to get better. She just wanted to get her life back and return to singing.

Easing The Symptoms
As Mrs. Hendrix recounted her story, I observed a forward tilt of the pelvis, tightness in the chest with forward rounded shoulders and head held high in a forward and slightly tilted position. Her posture and physical symptoms gave me important information for a possible targeted treatment of which nerve receptors needed to be reactivated or de-sensitised to release and unlock muscle memory for specific muscles or muscle groups, underlying structure and organs.

Mrs. Hendrix asked me if I was able to help her. I told her honestly that I believed I would be able to reduce some of her discomfort, but as with other non-routine issues, the outcome of the first session would be the best indicator if I could resolve her long-standing flatulence, sore throat and reflux.

I asked her to lie face-up on the bench. I dimmed the lights and placed a blanket on the lower body to give a feeling of comfort and security, although she was fully clothed. My first objective was to relieve her bloating by opening the pelvic floor using four light finger pressure moves around the abdominal area working my way around from left to right. Each point repeated a maximum of three times depending on the response felt in my fingertip and visible body changes. A very subtle release was noticed of her abdominal bloating as the stomach started to release gas.

The next objective was to re-balance and restore the normal function of the oesophagus, with the intention being to reduce the debilitating reflux that caused the constant burn in her throat, with two very gently connecting touches above and below the sternum. I stepped back to observe and to let it settle before releasing the ribcage with two small moves on the left and the right insertion of the abdominal muscles and a few moves between the ribs, creating an immediate lift to the ribcage.

The third and final objective in the first session was to release the forward pull of her neck and to reactivate and re-balance her digestive system. To release part of the forward pull of the neck, I made small outward moves over the neck rotatory muscle. Lastly, with the most powerful result, I made a gentle and precise move around the jaw point, temple and chin. Powerful, because the moves activate some of the cranial nerves, that regulates the heart, lungs and digestive system with a positive effect of the neck alignment.

When she finally opened her eyes and felt ready to get up, she exclaimed with surprise in her voice that she no longer had the uncomfortable bloated feeling in her stomach and that her throat felt less sore.

For the first time since coming to the clinic, I heard a trace of hope in her voice and she stepped down with an upright body looking more confident and at ease with herself. She asked if the treatment would last and what she had to do to maintain the positive result. My recommendation was for her to enjoy life and stop tracking the body for uncomfortable symptoms. When asked about a suggested diet plan, I advised her to eat what makes her feel good. As long as we eat a healthy and balanced diet, I believe that listening to our body is the best indicator of what it needs.

A True Transformation
Within the next few weeks, Mrs. Hendrix received two more sessions with an almost identical approach as the first. She could hardly express how grateful she was for the amazing result: her throat had healed and felt soft and smooth, she was eating her normal healthy diet without experiencing reflux and no flatulence at all. The singer was beaming with energy and confidence and told me that she started practicing her voice without any setback.

The hope of getting her life back as a professional singer was there and I sensed her determination to be on stage again.

The last good news I heard from Mrs. Hendrix came a few months later. She emailed me a thank you note for helping her to work and live with her passion once again. Her dream had finally come true: she had performed as a singer on stage to nearly five hundred people just three weeks earlier.

You really can return to your best and enjoy a pain-free fulfilled life. It is just one connection away.

In the next few blogs, I will be giving you some more inspirational true stories from my book Pain Free, because I really think that they will bring you closer to understanding the meaning and purpose of what we do.

Do you have a similar story? Please share it with us.


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