How To Overcome Irregular Heartbeat From Stress

by | Jul 28, 2016

Stress can manifest in a number of ways, including tightness of the chest, breathlessness and an irregular heartbeat. These symptoms can provoke even more feelings of anxiety and alarm, leading to a downward spiral, where you feel even more stressed. Breaking the cycle of fear and pain of an irregular heartbeat can return you to your best so that you can enjoy a pain-free fulfilled life.

Chest tightness and short of breath
Virginia, a sensitive and kind woman in her mid-forties, came to me in distress. She looked pale with slightly dilated pupils that betrayed a mental and emotional commotion. Her voice was shaky and her body trembling.

She told me that, after challenging herself over a period of time to do public speaking, she was feeling deeply stressed, with tightness in her chest, some breathlessness and an irregular heartbeat. She had consulted a doctor, had some tests which confirmed irregularity and she was given beta blockers to help stabilise her heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the beta blockers made her heart rate drop, causing dizziness and light-headedness. This made her scared of driving as she was feeling out of control and not at all at ease with herself. As you can imagine a very frustrating situation – as she really needed help to regulate her heart rate, but was sensitive to the medication.

Light Relief From Stress
Virginia knew my gentle therapy approach from previous treatments and wanted to give me a try before seeking further medical treatment. I was very honest with her as I didn’t know if my therapy would solve the problem, but I knew from years of experience that it would help her to relax and probably facilitate an emotional release.

After listening to her story, I used gentle movements on her forehead and abdomen as a calming and welcoming gesture. She closed her eyes peacefully as I continued. With just a few small and light pressure moves I helped ease the tightness in her rib cage and chest. Instantly, Virginia took a deep breath, – a very good sign that part of her rib cage was releasing and giving her comfort. Her face suddenly seemed calmer and more peaceful with less flickering around the eyes.

After the session Virginia felt remarkably good with an overall physical and emotional calmness. Fortunately her heartbeat had settled and her chest was relaxing and expanding and increasing oxygen to her brain. She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes, proclaiming with joy that her chest had released and that it was easier to breathe. With surprise in her voice she suddenly said that her heart rate felt normal, stood up and gave me a big, warm hug of gratitude.

As she walked out of the clinic, I said one word only: ‘Enjoy’.

Feeling Free to Breathe
Irregular heartbeat from stressA week passed and Virginia came back for her second and final treatment. She looked calm, content and happy, and excitedly told me that the treatment had lasted and she no longer needed to take medication.
Her chest felt light and it was easy to breathe.

We practised a breathing technique called 7/11 that she could use in the future to help her feel grounded and centred, and maintain her calm and radiant demeanour.

Two months later, Virginia proudly informed me that she had seen the doctor, who was very happy with her progress, she didn’t have to take beta blockers any more and to come back for a medical check-up in six months.

You really can return to your best and enjoy a pain-free fulfilled life. It is just one connection away.

In the next few articles, I will be giving you some true, inspirational stories from my book PAIN FREE, because I really think that they will bring you closer to understanding the meaning and purpose of what we do and how you can become pain-free.

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