The Author

Else Strom Vistisen is a successful therapist who specialises in acute and chronic pain relief.

Born in Denmark, she graduated as an occupational therapist and started out at the age of twenty-four as a rehabilitation manager at Homeward Bound, working with severely physically and mentally handicapped children in Minneapolis, USA. In 1984 Else moved to Hong Kong and she has lived in Asia ever since.

She has worked in different settings within the orthopaedic, neuroanatomical and burns units during her career as a therapist, treating and helping thousands of people from around the world to live Pain Free lives. She is fortunate to have been mentored by Ross Emmett, founder and creator of the Emmett Technique which is being offered in nineteen countries.

Else has served on the board for “Danish Worldwide for overseas Danes”. She also believes strongly in making a positive impact in our world even beyond what she does for her clients. To that end, she is a lifetime partner of B1G1, the global business giving initiative creating a world full of giving. In 2005, Else founded “Else Vistisen Therapy” a private practice, previously named “Combined Therapies”. As an Occupational Therapist she is regulated by the Ministry of Health with full registration in Allied Health Provisions Council in Singapore.

If you thought that you had no alternative to living with pain, now is the time to think again. With Else Strom Vistisen, you CAN return to your best and enjoy a pain-free and fulfilled life. This is the message of Pain-Free. It demonstrates just some of the results of Else’s individualised, long-lasting pain solutions. Her therapies are effective, non-invasive and intuitive; they eliminate chronic pain without drugs, other remedies, oils or expensive physical therapy.

In PAIN FREE you will learn of:

  • The broad spectrum of people who have suffered in silence and given up hope of returning to their best
  • A light touch that can reactivate nerve receptors to realign and rebalance the body
  • Muscle and tendon inflammation that can be solved without the use of drugs
  • Gentle, efficient lymphatic drainage that improves joint mobility and releases common pain
  • Real life examples of diverse, simple and gentle treatments that can transform lives within minutes

Pain-Free is about true transformation from body pain to an often instant relief with the use of only soft manipulation of muscles, light finger pressure at specific points and my own intuitive and emphatic approach, enabling gentle release of tissues that may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints as well as lymphatic vessels or the gastrointestinal system.’ ‘If you thought that you had no alternative to living with pain, now is the time to think again. With Else Strom Vistisen, you CAN return to your best and enjoy a pain-free and fulfilled life.’ ‘This is the message of Pain-Free. It demonstrated just some of the results of Else’s individualised, long-lasting pain solutions. Her therapies are effective, non-invasive and intuitive; they eliminate acute and chronic pain with NO drugs, NO oils and NO stress or expensive physical therapy.’

What people are saying about this book

Pain-Free is a book that lets you know that amazing things really are possible. It’s a book that lets you know there is always hope. It’s a book that lets you know a fully functional life is possible and not racked with pain or filled with medication.

Paul Dunn

Managing Director, B1G1 - Singapore

I hope that this book Pain-Free will encourage more people to embark on the journey of body-balancing adjustments, and tender self-care.

Ceri Wolf

Product Manager, Xenxin Agri-Culture Food Pte Ltd - Singapore

For each encounter in the book, you will be able to think of someone that you know that can benefit from her professional expertise. It gives you an extraordinary insight into her amazing and unique expertise.

Tania Schnuppe

Certified Coach, Health Adviser and Hypnotherapist, Blink - Singapore

If you have ever lived with chronic/long-term pain or know a family member or friend who has, this book is a must read that will give you hope. The stories are compelling and will make you believe there are alternative treatments that will deliver a solution.

Anthony Tottman

Managing Director, Fitness First Singapore - Singapore

I have seen time and time again her commitment and passion in solving people’s chronic pain and am glad to see that she is bringing this book to let more people know that there is a potential solution

Callum Laing

CEO, Entrevo Asia - Singapore

The case studies in this book offer an insight into a truly revolutionary style of care. This book is a work that illustrates the magic of Else’s combined therapy training and personal intuition. Fascinating and inspirational!

Roz Alexander

Certified personal trainer, nutrition coach & international figure athlete, BeachFit - Singapore

We would all love to do what we are passionate about and to feel free to be who we are. With numerous personal challenges and successful ventures behind her, occupational therapist, tutor, author and mother Else Strom Vistisen reveals the influences that have allowed her to become an exceptional pain-relief therapist. In The Mother and The Therapist, Else tells her story from the viewpoints of a mother – and what her family life has taught her; and a therapist – her professional development through varying techniques.

Else shows how:

  • Determination and perseverance helped her reach her goals
  • Listening to your intuition brings massive benefits
  • Holding true to your values is vitally important
  • Unconventional thinking can bring great results
  • Empathic listening and adaptation to clients’ needs bring positive outcomes

What people are saying about this book

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading both of your books Else. I’m particularly touched by your stories of little Nicholas and then Nadia..we surely never know what life will throw at us. It is truly inspirational that you’ve turned your previous sorrow and struggles into helping so many people today..I am very proud to know you, keep up the great work.

Liza Rowan

Founder, Health & Vitality Pte Ltd - Singapore

The Mother and The Therapist is a beautiful, inspirational jewel of a story on how to live one’s life with integrity, grit and love despite the obstacles that present themselves. It gives sage advice to everyone

Lily Wells-Lorentzen


I had the privilege of being Else’s chiropractor in Singapore.  Her openness and respect for inter-professional relationship has “metamorphosis” the doctor-patient relationship to friendship.

I can relate to Else’s situation. As a son and a father, having deep respect for my parents and my wife, who often multitask behind the scenes daily for the family. Sometimes a thankless job done out of a mother’s love.

Dr. Terrence Yap, D.C.

Doctor, Atlas Chiropractic Clinic Pte. Ltd. - Singapore

Else Vistisen has a beautifully unique way of tapping in to the natural flow of an individuals’ being, thus being able to cultivate an organic and natural balance within that individual

Tine Lau Koldenborg Jessen

Licensed Midwife, Singapore

That the author, Else Strom Vistisen has been able to fulfil herself both as a mother and as a respected occupational therapist and mentor surely displays what the blend of a secure childhood, considerate parents and relatives, one’ own courage and determination as well as inspiration, may carry.

Michael Bendix

Danish Ambassador to Indonesia 1986-91, Denmark

This book is an open, at times emotionally raw, honest account of Else’s journey so far. I have a feeling there is still much more to come from her! The combination of pain, heartache, joy, love, integrity and passion in her story, events that deliver her perfectly to the place and success she is today, will surely move you. Within these pages you will find many things, including sound advice on parenting, surviving adversity and following your passion.

Jacqui Aston

Brief Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Body Expert, United Kingdom

An insight into the trials and tribulations of balancing motherhood with career. You learn how important love is in the recipe of life. People can identify with Else with the demands of juggling motherhood and career. The book sheds light into the life of the expatriate mother and wife and how one has to balance it all.

Dr. Vic Pearly Wong

Director, Orange Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics - Singapore

In this book Else opens windows to her life as a child, student, young woman, wife, mother and therapist. She shares her life challenges, personal, extremely difficult and deeply touching episodes as well as the brilliant development of her skills to a successful therapist, managing all aspects with high integrity, courage, clear vision and great wisdom

Regula Scherrer

Therapist and Instructor for The Emmett Technique and TBT101, Switzerland

A well-written book with strong inner believes by Else. Easy and good read on how maternal influence has impacted the author’s life experiences.

Dr. Peter Tay

Dental Surgeon, Coach and Mentor, Singapore


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