7 Ways You Can Deal With Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain Or Knee Pain Right Now

by | Feb 5, 2018

Sadly too many people live with unresolved pain issues like neck, shoulder and back problems.

Having worked with acute and chronic pain relief for the past twelve years, I have identified, that there are a number of common mistakes people make trying to find pain relief.

I would like to share the 7 most common mistakes and consider which of these mistakes you are making and how they relate to you and the way you have been dealing with your pain issues.

7 Most Common Pain Mistakes

Mistake #1: Procrastination

Many people keep ignoring continued pain and hope it will disappear, rather than making the effort to seek professional help and address the actual cause of the pain.

You need to know what conditions are developing in your body, and more important, what is causing those conditions to develop in the first place.

Mistake #2: Negligence

Just like you take your car for regular service it is important to go for regular body therapy to release pain and muscle tension to improve mobility, flexibility and body balance.

The reality is that most people have muscle imbalance created by concentrating too heavily on certain areas of your body and neglecting others. Fit or not you will often experience trouble.

Deal with your body pain now! 7 Ways HowMistake #3: Continuation of what doesn’t work

Why would anyone keep going to a health professional for weeks after weeks without seeing any improvement?

I recommend that you don’t go beyond a three sessions period before considering making a change or insist on getting an evaluation. It is not the number of treatments as much as the need to see steady gains.

Mistake #4: Symptomatic treatment

By treating the symptoms only with medications, oils, ultrasound and alike does not solve the actual problem.

You are hurting because your body is going through changes, and those changes are causing abnormal postural conditions, and those abnormal postural conditions are causing muscles, joints and ligaments to function under increased stress and strain until they eventually fail causing painful conditions like sprains, tears, subluxation of joints and a herniated disc.

Mistake #5: No pain No gain

Believing that a treatment has to be painful and invasive to be effective.

There are many different pain-free and none-invasive therapy modalities within the health industry that are very simple and effective dealing with acute and unresolved pain issues.

Talk to your friends for recommendations, search the Internet, or ask your health practitioners to recommend a natural pain relief specialist.

Mistake #6: Lack of influence

Leaving your health in the hands of professionals only. No one knows your body as well as you do, and nobody cares about your health as much as you do.

Unfortunately, too many people don’t know how their body works and forget to listen to what the body is trying to tell them. The more you know the better and faster results. Be active and make good choices in your own rehab.

Mistake #7: Nothing seems to work

Thinking that there is nothing out there that will help you, solve your problem –which you will just have to live with the pain.

I believe that most pain issues are treatable and that with a full body assessment identifying the muscle imbalances followed by an individualized treatment addressing the source of the problem will result in a long lasting pain solution

7 To Do List

  1. Deal with the pain NOW! – Waiting will only make it worse
  1. Take the body for service – It will keep the body well balanced and you will have fewer injuries.
  1. If what you are doing doesn’t work…STOP! – Whatever you are doing you need to see a steady improvement.
  1. Treat the pain and the cause. – By treating the cause you will get a long-lasting pain solution.
  1. A treatment does not have to be painful to be effective. – A gentle and non-invasive treatment can be just as effective, if not even better and healthier for the body.

  1. Take control and take action. – Always ask if you do not understand what the health practitioner is saying or doing.
  1. Be open-minded and positive – If you try something new and you think it works, then it just might be the right for you.

Pain Mistakes #7

Remember it is never too late to Return to Your Best to live a Joyful, Pain-Free and Fulfilled Life.

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