Else Vistisen Therapy revolves around a 3-step method that is effective, intuitive and empathic. Pain caused from a hectic work schedule, strenuous fitness training or recurring pain that is unresolved should not be neglected. I help to alleviate pain one touch at a time. My simple, transformational approach is specifically designed for busy, high achieving individuals with acute and chronic pain, for them to return to their best.

The 3-Step Method requires a general review and evaluation of your medical history to ensure an effective pain relief treatment. The therapy and approach that follows is simple: It is applied with no drugs, no oils and no stress. It is all done with gentle muscle manipulation and light finger touch at specific points of the body. It enables a physical release of muscle groups and the underlying structure with often an immediate effect. I offer guidance and after care to help you maintain a Pain-Free life.


Enjoy a Pain-Free and Fulfilled Life

Too many people live with unresolved pain, and nothing seems to work.I understand how that feels and I am passionate about reviving hope for a pain-free life. With an open and positive mind, you can choose to take control and take action by engaging with me.

  • Heal faster for shorter, easier and better recovery
  • Free of pain and tension to gain more mobility and flexibility
  • Stronger with improved body balance to excel in physical activity
  • Relaxed and free of the stress of constant pain
  • More positive and focused for better results
  • Restful sleep for increased vitality
  • Peace of mind for greater life enjoyment
  • Gain confidence to live the life you love


Helping people with acute and chronic pain to
return to their best and enjoy a pain-free life.


My two published books, Pain-Free and
The Mother & The Therapist


The Power Of A Small Touch
- to enjoy a pain-free living.