Three Thousand Years And Nadia – Was It A Miracle? (Part 3 of 4)

by | Mar 24, 2017

After weeks of exhaustions, there was hope for my 6-week old daughter. We were led to a healer who astounded us all! But was it a miracle or too good to be true?

This four part story is taken from my book The Mother and The Therapist, read more about my work and why I do what I do.

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Upon our return home, Jan went out to buy several kilos of red rice. We employed a full-time cook to manage the boiling and sieving of the rice, and Jan was able to get back to his work schedule. I settled as a full-time mother to both children and feeder for Nadia, who needed to be bottle fed with the soup almost every other hour. I recorded all feeds, passing of stools and frequency of urination strictly to monitor Nadia’s intake and release of liquid. Although it was a very challenging time, we settled into a routine with the tremendous help and support of good friends and domestic helpers.

Was I scared or doubtful about our treatment plan at any point? Absolutely, yes. Almost daily I questioned our choice. Were we irresponsible parents? Had we put Nadia’s health in jeopardy? But my instinct told me that we had made the right choice, and knowing that there was no medical cure somehow made it easier to stay on track and stick to our vision.

Part of our strength, determination and courage came from the obvious benefits Nadia had from the treatments and the change of diet. She became calm, content, alert, and her gross motor development became standard. Only her weight remained low due to lack of nutrition.

The multiple trips to Bandung to see Ms Anne with Anne Vibeke were maybe my greatest times throughout the ordeal. Anne Vibeke and I were both fighting death sentences, she against breast cancer and I for the life of my baby girl, and we became very close and connected on a spiritual level. She is my guardian angel. From total despair, I had gained her and Ms Anne in my life, two lovely, caring and mature women. They would do anything for Nadia and me and I felt safe with both of them.

After six weeks of red rice soup, Ms Anne asked us to change to green mung bean soup and to continue the new diet plan for another six weeks. It was fantastic to use a new food ingredient, and Nadia loved the change. Who wouldn’t after weeks of eating the same food without any variation for the taste buds? I felt we had conquered her problems and were ready to enter a new chapter of our plan.

Baby Nadia on SheepskinNadia had improved in so many ways, so we decided to have a professional photographer come to our house to take individual and family pictures of us all. They are lovely photos of Oliver as a blond, healthy, active boy and a content but tiny Nadia on her favourite sheepskin to protect her delicate body; family photos of Jan and me with the two children, who were totally unaware of the battle we were fighting as a family; pictures we treasure, constantly reminding us to have gratitude and courage.

After twelve weeks on a strict diet plan and multiple treatments we received the good news from Ms Anne that Nadia would be able to start a mild solid food diet of pears and apples with the gradual introduction of vegetables and milk powder. She also no longer needed the healing treatments.

We were relieved, but not overly ecstatic with joy. Totally drained and exhausted from months of physical, emotional and mental pressure, we were unable to comprehend the verdict. Doubt meant we still needed medical proof to accept the miracle.

Keep reading to find out what happened next to our beautiful daughter…

The reality is that a pain-free life is just one connection away. And that can start for you and those you love right now.

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