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by | Jan 4, 2016

Eros Coaching Interview with Else VistisenFounder of Eros Coaching, Dr. Martha Tara Lee is a Clinical Sexologist who conducts sexuality and relationship coaching, and runs sexuality education events in Asia. This is from an interview Else featured on her site


I interviewed my friend Else Strom Vistisen who is an occupational therapists. She is dedicated to pain release!

1) Tell us more about yourself.

Hello. I’m Else the founder of Else Vistisen Therapy. I specialise in providing long-lasting pain relief and have successfully treated thousands of people from all over the world, transforming their health, lives and success.

My training as an Occupational Therapist (OT), and an Emmett and Bowen therapist, has given me a unique ability to provide an innovative practise. As an OT I am regulated by Ministry of Health with full registration in Allied Health Provisions Council in Singapore.

I have built a reputation for my integrity, intuitive and empathic presence, and passion for helping people to return to their best, so that they can enjoy a pain-free, fulfilled life. I am also the author of two books based on my 31 years of experience as a therapist.

“The Mother and The Therapist”, My life’s journey and creation of a therapy for pain-free living.

“ Pain-Free”, True stories of transformation from chronic pain to instant relief.

Check them out here


Else Vistisen Therapy revolves around a 3-step method that is effective, intuitive and empathic. Pain caused from a hectic work schedule, strenuous fitness training or recurring pain that is unresolved should not be neglected. I help to alleviate pain one touch at a time. My simple, transformational approach is specifically designed for busy, high achieving individuals with acute and chronic pain, for them to return to their best.

The 3-Step Method requires a general review and evaluation of your medical history to ensure an effective pain relief treatment. The therapy and approach that follows is simple: It is applied with no drugs, no oils: remedies; and no stress. It is all done with gentle muscle manipulation and light finger touch at specific points of the body. It enables a physical release of muscle groups and the underlying structure with often an immediate effect with the benefits of healing faster, feeling better and stronger. I offer guidance and after care to help you maintain a pain-free life.

2) Why do I do what I do?

Many of us do what we do, because of some life-changing experience. Mine came when my daughter at age 6 weeks was diagnosed with, what was said to be an incurable disease: one that would leave her to suffer for her whole life.

I was determined that would not happen to her, and since that day, I have devoted my life to bringing the joy of a pain-free, fulfilling life to clients worldwide.

3) What are your future plans?

Right now I am working on the launch of my two books and conducting workshops to let more people know that there is a potential solution to living with pain.

Long term my vision and hope is to bring the joy of a pain-free fulfilling life to people around the world by one healing touch at the time.

4) Any advice for others?

If you thought that you had no alternative to living with pain, now is the time to think again.


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