A New Lease on Life

by | Jun 27, 2016

I was recommended to visit Else for Physio and Bowen therapy for a slipped disc and a dislocated shoulder, both of which had occurred several weeks earlier but were still causing discomfort and pain.  We started with a lengthy discussion of my past injuries and the damage to my skeleton caused during my previous military profession, playing rugby and during high altitude mountaineering.  As well as seeking to understand the background to my condition Else put me completely at ease and explained how she used several therapies depending on the person and the nature of the problem presented.

The power that Else has is amazing, a true gift of healing.  By simply laying her hands on me, with the gentlest of touches, she eased the pain in my shoulder and relaxed the muscles.  She then did the same to my lower spine and eased the cold numbness in my right knee which had been a direct result of the slipped disc at L4.  My whole body felt so much more relaxed and calm.  It continued to react and adjust over the following 48 hours, but thereafter I was free of pain and able to carry on as normal.

After a number of weeks, I visited Else again as I was feeling extremely stressed, frustrated and angry with recent events in my life and felt that this was due to my back not being one hundred percent and my shoulder still giving me occasional nerve pains and discomfort.

Else again spent some time talking with me and watching me intently.  On examining my shoulder again, she said that it was definitely torn inside and either I would need several weeks of regular healing sessions with her or, as I did not live in Singapore I should seek a surgeon’s advice.

She also said that my shoulder and back were not the problem, merely symptoms as she could feel that I was clearly desperately sad inside and that my whole body was tense and wound up like a huge spring.  She invited me to lie down and after she laid her hands on me again I experienced an enormous sense of relief which overwhelmed me and I was able for the first time in my life express the deep concern which I had bottled up for years.  After a considerable time, it was as if I awoke and I found myself feeling both relieved and relaxed, and with a new sense of calm.

My slipped disc has corrected itself and is PAIN FREE. My shoulder is due to be operated on and will soon be fully recovered.  The mental and spiritual relief that Else has given me has remained and has been like a new lease of life.

I cannot recommend Else more highly, her treatment and therapy are a real gift.

Mike – Oxford, UK

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