There Is More To Pain Relief Than Meets The Eye

by | Dec 12, 2016

How often do we reflect on the wants and needs of people who live a life with unresolved pain issues, autoimmune diseases or maybe even live a life with a terminal illness?

We often associate pain relief with a relieve of just physical body   pains, aches and discomforts and forget about it – being unaware of,  – or maybe even ignore the effect of the social and emotional pain as well. Not only for the sufferer but also the bearing it has for the loved ones, family and friends.

Imagine then, the desperation of a family and their young, outgoing and energetic twelve-year-old boy, suffering from an autoimmune disease that attacks the normal cells of the liver and causes inflammation and liver damage. Each and every day is an exhausting physical, emotional and mental struggle.

This young boy not only suffers from body tightness along with chest and body pains 24/7; the chronic pain, strong medication, multiple compression fractures and resulting fatigue means that he needs to wear braces to support his joints. He walks with the aid of holding onto furniture at home and is dependent on a wheelchair on outings.

He now misses out on many school days and is unable to participate in his usual, beloved physical activities. He is also missing out on his social life with family and friends, and is more and more dependent on help from others while living a life filled with regular medical visits.

Listening To Understand

From listening to their stories of multiple health and hospital visits over the last many years, their sincere concern for his health and side-effects from being dependent on strong medication,  it was obvious there was a profound uncertainty about the long-term prognoses.

I soon realised that a simple release of muscle tension and pain might be the least of their concerns.

They were in desperate need of someone to take the time to really listen – to understand the emotional and mental challenges they were facing.

I wasn’t sure how much more I could do to help this lovely young boy and his family. Nonetheless, I asked if they would welcome me to their home to give them physical, emotional and mental support to help them overcome some of their daily challenges in life. Fortunately enough, they welcomed the offer with an extended hospitality.

Pain Relief – The Power Of Human Touch

Walking hand-in-handMost often it is not only about what you hear, but how you hear it and what you really see.

It might not always be enough to ask what the client wants or needs. Some people are too shy or too humble to ask for help and in a situation like that it can be of great benefit to reach out to them and offer an extended helping hand.

There is so much more to pain relief that meets the eye. It’s a matter that forever reminds me of the huge power of just a small human touch. And it totally underpins my mission of alleviating pain one touch at the time.

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