How A Life Full Of Migraine Is Now A Life Full Of Life

by | May 18, 2016

Sadly, far too many people live for too long with unresolved pain issues. They have, perhaps, sought the help of health practitioners to no avail and take strong medication daily. Nothing seems to work for them. It’s as if their ‘best’ has gone forever and they can no longer enjoy family or social life.

It hasn’t.

Here is a story of one of my clients, who was very sceptical and reluctant to see me because he did not believe that a therapy involving just a few gentle touches and moves at particular points in the body would relieve his symptoms when conventional medicine hadn’t helped.

Migraine Pain ReliefTwenty-Six Years of Migraines
A European executive came to my clinic because he had been suffering from intense migraines for twenty-six years and had been medicated with strong painkillers. Recently, the migraines had become worse and had started to affect his family and social life.

To get to the root of what could be causing my clients pain, I always make sure I listen, accept them for who they are and make them feel comfortable and relaxed before I start asking questions about the presented problem. It is all about the client – not about me.

I soon found out that my client’s symptoms included intense pain around the forehead (with sensitivity to light, noise and taste), psoriasis, jaw tension, a tilted posture, and sleeping with an open mouth. They were all affecting his quality of life.

A True Transformation
All of his symptoms gave me a very good indication of some of his internal and external body imbalances, enabling me to apply my therapy as specific moves on specific targets on the body.

His body and spinal balance were very weak compared to a normal body balance – an indication of uneven electrical impulses within his spinal cord. The information pathways needed to be reset and cleared to allow better responses in areas of the body needing treatment.

After I had reset his spine and released the main muscle groups, including his jaw tension, my client felt relaxed, calm, and had increased body balance and better stability. Although he felt immediate positive changes, he was still suspicious about the lasting effects. He simply could not understand how such a gentle treatment would lead to effective, long-term pain relief.

Given that the outcome of the first session was positive, we agreed that he would return for a few more sessions, as I was sure that I could help with the problem.

After just three sessions with me, he felt as if his head had gone through a major cleanse. It felt light and clear, and his jaw was relaxed.

He proudly told me that, for the first time since the age of eighteen, he had not taken any pain medication. There had been no migraine attacks, only mild forehead pressure, and he was no longer waking up thirsty during the night.

Deep inside, however, he did not believe that the treatment would last and was still sceptical about the outcome. He kept asking if he would need continued treatments and what would happen if the headaches returned – a natural response after twenty-six years of suffering from the same painful disability.

Trust, Support and Guidance
It is of paramount importance that a client gets the right support and guidance so they feel confident in moving forward and have the proper tools to help themselves if the symptoms return.

I advised him to trust the process and the outcome – and look after his body with plenty of water, rest and enjoyment of life, and to come for a treatment whenever he felt his body needed realignment and relaxation. Just like we send our cars for a service, we also have to service our bodies.

He has not suffered from any migraine attacks and has been totally free of medication for five months, finally able to enjoy an active life with his family and friends.

You really can return to your best and enjoy a pain-free fulfilled life. It is just one connection away.

In the next few blogs, I will be giving you some true, inspirational stories from my book Pain Free, because I really think that they will bring you closer to understanding the meaning and purpose of what we do.

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