From Suffering Intense Sciatica Pain – To Being Back In The Saddle

by | Jun 1, 2016

Back pain is the most cited pain across all pain groups, and lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010.[1] Is it really possible to relieve lower back pain and sciatica with just four non-invasive treatments

Jeffrey, a tall and slim executive in his late thirties with an enthusiasm for long bicycle rides, had woken up that morning at 4am with a locked lower back, pain running posteriorly into both legs, and he experienced severe pain when he attempted any kind of physical movements.

His handshake was warm and sweaty and his posture stiff and upright. Standing still for any length of time aggravated his already excruciating pain.

He was trying his very best to manage without taking pain medication and he was adamant that he did not want to consult a medical practitioner at this stage.

sciatica pain reliefSearching for the Quick Release Lever
Jeffrey was exhausted and sweating from being in pain for more than ten hours.  Within just one treatment session of gentle muscle manipulation and light finger pressure at specific points of the body the muscle tension gradually reduced. He began to feel at ease, relaxed and experienced significant improvement of mobility and reduction in his lower back pain.

Two days later, Jeffrey came to my clinic for his second visit. He explained he had felt much better after the first treatment and had decided to go to work. He found that prolonged sitting had made matters worse and he was now experiencing an uncomfortable tightness around his tailbone and a heavy sensation in both upper legs.

Despite my encouragement to consult a doctor, Jeffrey was adamant about continuing with the non-invasive therapy approach he had chosen and asked me to proceed. Fortunately after just another short session he improved significantly:  he was walking with greater ease and he had experienced a completely pain free moment. Both of us were delighted.

Freewheeling to Pain-Free
It was a great pleasure to watch Jeffrey coming to the clinic the following Monday with free, relaxed and energetic movements. He had slept well for the first time in five days, was back to work full-time, pain free and with full mobility.

As I had expected after what was probably a pinched nerve in his lower back causing immense muscle tension and imbalance, his body was still sore and tight, especially around his lower back, pelvis and behind both upper legs in the hamstring muscles. This made sitting very difficult and uncomfortable.

I was confident that my gentle therapy approach would allow Jeffrey’s body to reorient to its original healthy state without further interventions. One or two more treatments would be enough to help re-balance the muscles, and with sufficient rest and mobilisation, he would probably be back to his active and busy life within a few days.

Back in the Saddle
Jeffrey received a total of four treatments within two weeks. On his third visit he claimed to his amazement that he was free of all pain and discomfort and that he felt as if his body had realigned to a very healthy and relaxed state. He was determined to get back to his old regime of long bicycle rides with his group of friends at weekends and regular home stretching programme. Within the week, he was living an active life, back in the saddle and riding 80km with his buddies.

Read more about lower back pain and possible causes in this article. You really can return to your best and enjoy a pain-free fulfilled life. It is just one connection away.

In the next few articles, I will be giving you some true, inspirational stories from my book Pain Free, because I really think that they will bring you closer to understanding the meaning and purpose of what we do and how you can become pain-free.

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