How On Earth Can You Believe That You Can Return To Your Best?

by | Dec 3, 2015

Sadly, far too many people live for too long with unresolved pain issues like neck, shoulder and back problems.

Like you, perhaps, they have sought the help of health practitioners to no avail. Nothing seems to work for them. It’s as if their ‘best’ has gone forever.

It hasn’t.

In the spirit of sharing and bringing the hope for people suffering from long-lasting pain issues; one of my clients has given me permission to share his story with you. He’s done that, in the hope that you really will start believing now that a pain-free living is possible.

Here’s his story:

I was referred to Else by a friend who had been her long-time client. She came highly recommended.

I had been suffering from a degenerative disk (L5) condition since 2006 with almost daily pain in both the lower and upper back. I was also suffering from sacroliitis inflammation.

After two endoscopies and three years of continued practise of Pilates, I was still in pain.

I woke up in pain in the mornings; I’d fell the pain when walking. And of course, I could not do the things I love, namely tennis and cycling. Massage gave only temporary relief, acupuncture had little effect, if any, and about the only thing that would help for a few days at a time was physiotherapy combined with Pilates.

But I couldn’t find a more lasting solution that would allow me to feel good and ‘normal’.

Frankly, I was losing hope. I had barely anyone left who would listen to me and I felt like a nag every time I mentioned my back problems to anyone.

But Else listened. She understood the frustration given her own spine injury and background in sports.

Else treated me three times.

This is what we agreed at the start of the first session. She has a very personal approach to helping her clients and the treatment is very gentle and the techniques are very unique.

I hadn’t experienced anything like this before. The improvement was obvious even after the first session. I was very encouraged.

Her techniques allow the muscles to find their normal ‘state’, a balance.

I had been in so much pain for so long that my back hardly knew how to ‘be’ anymore. Even my head was visibly tilted to the right and the fatigue was palpable. It was like rebooting the ‘state of being’ for my back and leg muscles.

During the third session my Sacroiliitis disappeared completely. I simply could not believe it. For the first time in years I felt no pain in my lower back

Perhaps not surprisingly given the extent of the trauma I was suffering, very occasionally there is some minor discomfort from time to time, but no pain to the extent I had experienced before.

I continue with Pilates to maintain a strong core and ensure a good blood circulation in the lower back, but I know I can always rely on Else to maintain the ‘muscular’ and ‘bodily’ balance that seems to be the foundation of bodily ‘well-being’

Mika Purra

Like Mika you really can return to your best and enjoy a pain-free fulfilled life.

It is just one connection away.


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