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by | May 5, 2016

We often associate chronic back pain and headaches with older people. Imagine, then, the desperation of Peter, a twelve-year-old, outgoing, sporty boy, who had been diagnosed with two bulging discs, fibromyalgia and chronic headaches. Each and every day was an exhausting physical, emotional, and mental struggle. It was also incredibly stressful for his parents and family to witness Peter in such chronic pain.

Peter suffered from lower back pain and long-lasting headaches 24/7; his head and body were almost crumpled together. It was like his body was on fire. The chronic pain and resulting fatigue from restless and disturbed sleep meant that he missed out on many school days, and was unable to participate in his beloved sports of tennis, cricket, and wakeboarding. He was also missing out on his social life with family and friends, and was living a life in despair.

Extinguishing The Fire
Peter underwent numerous tests and treatments, but nothing seemed to be able to give him any relief. Peter and his mother were desperate and looking for an alternative and different solution, and so together we started off on a new and beautiful journey.

As I was unable to touch any part of his body directly without his skin angrily flaring up bright red and him twisting and turning in agony, my treatment plan had to be fine-tuned.

Over just a few treatment sessions, Peter’s long-lasting headaches and chronic pain were gradually reduced. He began to feel an inner calmness, less body pain and significant improvement with his headaches.

Fortunately, with weekly sessions over a period of just two months, Peter improved significantly: physically, emotionally and mentally.

He was now able to attend regular school hours with focus and concentration. He regained most of his energy; he was able to enjoy an active social life with his friends and, most importantly, participate in his favourite sporting activities.

Within six months, this young boy had transformed his life from chronic pain syndrome to almost pain-free living. I say almost pain free because he kept coming back for further treatment, usually due to various sporting injuries from living a very active life.

From Dark Days To A Bright Future
peterPeter made this incredible transformation from a scared and exhausted twelve-year-old boy, who was living a life full of pain, to a happy young man who is now living a life that is full of life.

He is a confident, healthy, active and mature young man, free of pain and pursuing his dream of becoming a medical practitioner.

In the next few blogs, I will be giving you some more inspirational true stories from my book Pain Free, because I really think that they will bring you closer to understanding the meaning and purpose of what we do.

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