2016 Retrospect + 2017 Launch

by | Jan 30, 2017

Last year was filled with new accomplishments and life lessons both personally and professionally. I want to share these highlights with you in the hope that you too will be inspired to live out your passion as I do, in helping people across the world return to their best. Not only is this a reflection of 2016, I also have exciting news to share with you for 2017.

Highlights from 2016 include:

  • Publishing not one but two books
  • Pop-up clinics in other countries
  • Winning KPI’s 2016 Singapore PitchFest
  • Daily, waking up in the morning knowing that I can help people in pain and then see
    the transformation as they leave the practise no longer suffering from acute or long-lasting pain

What It’s Like Publishing A Book (Or Two!)

Publishing books where you share experience and life lessons requires a lot of reflection. Putting my two books The Mother and The Therapist and PAIN FREE out into the world has given me invaluable insight into how I have developed as a therapist through my work. It has also shown me how my life experience has shaped me to become the therapist I am today. 32 years of travelling, living and working in eight different countries and cultures, working within multiple different settings including orthopaedic, neuro-anatomical and burn units, and being the mother of three children has helped me look at my clients in an emphatic and intuitive way; in turn listening to really understand and respect every individual.

Some advice I will always cherish from my book ‘The Mother And The Therapist’:

  • It has become very clear to me that as human beings we are all born with the same needs, no matter what our birthplace, culture or religion may be. We need to respect and accept different ways of living, different mindsets and different values. What might feel good for me might not be good for another person.
  • Don’t die with the music still in you, enjoy!

Advice For Entrepreneurs Seeking Growth And Purpose

With a thriving business and books some people might say that I am an entrepreneur. I more so identify myself as a therapist with a passion for helping people in acute and chronic pain to return to their best.

To become a successful entrepreneur, for me, is about finding your passion and the purpose of your business. Ask yourself WHY you do what you do, WHAT is your ultimate goal and HOW you want to create and deliver your message in an impactful and meaningful way, no matter what stage of business development you are in.

Pop-Up Clinic SuccessPop-up Clinic In Jakarta

When my three children left the nest I became more flexible in my lifestyle, and decided to fulfill my dream of helping people around the world by travelling to where I was needed.

I started with my first pop-up clinic in Denmark during a summer holiday and later on in October I was invited by a company in Jakarta, Indonesia to help some of their employees.

I have since been invited to return as a guest therapist to a hotel in Jakarta in 2017, offering hotel guests pain relief sessions alongside existing spa treatments. Then another in Denmark come July.

If You’re In Pain Right Now

If you find you won’t be in Singapore, Indonesia or Denmark this year, please don’t wait for pain relief. If you’re experiencing acute or chronic pain right now, take control and take action. If you feel you need more encouragement, read this article.

Pain Mistake and What To Do

Winning KPI’s Singapore 2016 PitchFest

hello@wildlifestyle.coTeaching and sharing in-depth knowledge within my profession has always been dear to me. I love to educate, inform, motivate and inspire people with teaching and I really enjoy watching them gain new insight, whatever the subject.

Having to pitch Else Vistisen Therapy was a completely new experience for me as I had to clarify and compress 32 years of experience into five minutes; to make the audience understand who I am, what I do, how it works and the benefits of having a session with me.

I am forever grateful to Paul Dunn of www.B1G1.com who was mentoring me at the time, and had the patience and intuition to guide me through the many frustrating moments leading up to making the compelling speech that I now can use as a foundation for future Talks, Presentations and Workshops.

Being the winner of KPI’s Singapore 2016 PitchFest was an absolute honour to me. It gave me the courage and confidence to stand in front of a big audience knowing what I stand for. More so it gave me a new found identity of what I can accomplish as a therapist working with acute and chronic pain.

Exciting Announcement For 2017!

I’m launching the TALK to invite people to come and see how I work first hand, and experience the pain relief process LIVE. The talk includes:

  • Demonstrating how clients enjoy my simple, The HUGE Power of A Small Touch Presented by Else Vistiseneffective,
    non-invasive and long-lasting pain
    solution helping them live a life that is full of life
  • To inform and educate about the 7 Common Pain Mistakes and What To Do to maintain a well balanced body to help prevent injuries and address present ones
  • To help people understand the importance of lifestyle – juggling the five balls of life
  • And more!

Thank YOU, reader and friend for supporting me in 2016, for reading, sharing and visiting as clients. I am honored you trust me to help you recover from your pain.

I look forward to helping you on your journey.


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